RTFMPS Mission

I named the company in a fit of cynicism -- a google search will return the meaning of "RTFM" the "PS" was added for "professional services." Upon reflection a subtle wording change makes the whole name kind of clean so use the word "FULL" for the F in RTFM.

The mission is to develop and deliver training content in a variety of disciplines. The mechanism is by training manuals, presentations, and videos. I also maintain a library of legacy program (mostly FORTRAN) source codes.

This website may contain software and computer programs.
These programs are shared without warranty for fitness for any use, nor with any support of any kind.
Download and use such materials at your own risk.

Photographs from the 1980s

These are selected photographs. I add to this collection from time to time when I get the urge. If you are in one, it would be cool to hear from you.

Photograph 1981 Just climbed Lover's Leap on US 50, bit south of Lake Tahoe. Guessing on the date, clearly after the Army, probably second year in college after i destroyed my knee

Photograph 1983 Joshua Tree National Monument, winter time. Would get shirt-sleves hot during the day, and spoon anyone at night.

Photograph 1984 Lake Louise/ Banff Photo was a few minutes before I did an epic fail and slid a thousand feet downslope on my butt.

Photograph 1986 Four engineers and a grill!

Photograph 1986 Some class mates at Humboldt State. This was our senior design class for water resources.

Photograph 1986 Me and a couple of people I met on bicycles. We all rode in a NPS Pickup Truck through the tunnel in Zion National Park (Park Service wont let you ride a bike in the tunnel). The photo is at the intersection of Hwy 9 and US 89 in Utah. The store is the White Mountain Trading Post.

Photograph 1986 Me on my touring bike in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The bike and gear weighed about 130 lbs.

Photograph 1986 Carrying lunch for rafting trip; French Broad River, NC. Location is called Big Sandy. Beth Molvin was the photographer (she turned me on to INXS, Bangles, Bannarama and some other music).

Photograph 1986 Me in a rubber boat. These were really popular trips, each guest got a boat, and the trips would wander down the river with the guides (Mamma Duck) leading the guests (Ducklings). The analogy is accurate, from a distance the trips really looked like a line of ducklings following their mommy. The boats themselves were called "Rubber Duckies."

Photograph 1986 Here is my phtographer friend Beth; we are at Great Sand Dunes National Park walking along a the ridge of a dune.

Photograph 1987 Guessing on the year, Uncle Yar and Robin. Boy she is cute, you should see her today (A 20th Century Fox!)

Photograph 1987 Bouldering at Stony Point. I remember this day vividly, absolutely perfect weather.

Photograph 1987 North abutment, Golden Gate Bridge. With my friend Mario.

Photograph 1987 Bicycle Ride; Riverside CA. My UCLA buddies and me entered this century (a century is a 100 mile ride). I have ridden three centuries; Tour of the Unknown Coast (twice) and, apparently, the ride pictured here.

Photograps from the 1980s

These are selected photographs. I add to this collection from time to time when I get the urge. If you are in one, it would be cool to hear from you.

Photograph 1987 Paola (Mario's wife) and I trudging down Drake's Beach. Once we got out of the wind, it was nice, and did usual beach day stuff.

Photograph 1987 Somewhere in London. That's my mom.

Photograph 1987 Me and school mates at Sepi's in Westwood. We had just passed our comprehensive exams. I clearly am a hypocrite about smoking -- that is indeed a cigarette in my hand.

Photograph March 1988 Porsche Targa and the driver sporting most proper attire for a run up Mulholland Blvd. A driving award was issued!

Photograph August 1988 Hanging out on the coast, looks like Pt. Reyes around M Ranch. Back when I had hair!

Photograph 1988 Michelle and Gabby. We all met at UCLA, spent many nights dancing, some studying too.

Photograph 1988 Cindy and Melody (to my right). I think I photobombed this one judging by look on Mel's face. And then we all went ... yep dancing somewhere in LA, judging by out getups it was probably a club in Hollywood

Photograph 1988 Housemate Cathy. We had both just finished a triathlon a week before this shot, and were getting back to our smoking and drinking

Photograph 1989 Tossing eggs at a party


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